Inside Baltimore is published by Tom Nugent.

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  1. Thank you Tom Nugent for your dedication to exposing this heinous crime. Many heartstrings are tied to this case and we thank God for your perseverance in your pursuit for truth.

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  2. Thank you Tom Nugent for all that you are doing to expose the facts. My heart goes out to all of the victims of this evil monster and his cohorts.

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  3. Nice work Tom! Teresa, thank you for sharing your experience. The Archdioceses has heard such horrible stories and have done nothing. When I told them my similar experiences, 20 years ago, they worked very hard to shut me up. I consider it a re-rapping! Reading your story made me feel supported and calm. Thanks again!

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  4. Thank you Jean. I’m so happy you posted. The church was very cruel to me during our trial. They tried to break me during days of depositions. It makes me feel better to know we both have support and that people know we spoke the truth in court when nobody else would. We won this thing. Stay strong, you are not alone.


  5. Perfect Tom. Looks like we finally have “The wolves in sheeps clothing” on the run. Kurt Gladsky, Founder: Christian Brothers Sexual Abuse Survivors Network. Founder: Marylander’s United For Justice To End Sexual Abuse. Towson Maryland, Miami Florida 305 993 8663 cell

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  6. Tom thank you for your years of work on this case. Many of us who attended knew something was wrong with this sociopath and it has haunted us for years. We have now grew in numbers thanks to your continued efforts to break this case on behalf of our sisters. Hundreds of us now stand in solidarity with them. Bless you my friend!

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